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Hiscox Deutschland

Unser Management Team von Hiscox Deutschland stellt sich vor.


Robert Dietrich, Hiscox

Robert Dietrich
Managing Director Germany

Wolf von Buchwaldt, Hiscox

Wolf von Buchwaldt
Director Sales Broker

Markus Klopfer, Hiscox

Markus Klopfer
Director Operations

Franka Barsch, Hiscox

Franka Barsch
Director Claims

Franziska Schaefer, Hiscox

Franziska Schaefer
Director Marketing & Communications

Kerstin Langenberg, Hiscox

Dr. Kerstin Langenberg
Director Direct Business and Partnerships

Benjamin Börger, Hiscox

Benjamin Börger
Director Finance

Claudia Triltsch, Head of HR, Hiscox Deutschland

Claudia Triltsch
Head of HR

Product & Underwriting Management

Marc Thamm, Hiscox

Marc Thamm
Underwriting Manager Technology, Media & Communications

Mario Hartmann, Hiscox

Mario Hartmann
Underwriting Manager Professional Indemnity und D&O

Peter Pillath, Hiscox

Peter Pillath
Underwriting Manager Commercial Property

Ole Sieverding, Hiscox

Ole Sieverding
Underwriting Manager Cyber

Alina Sucker-Kastl, Hiscox

Alina Sucker-Kastl
Underwriting Manager Art & Private Clients

Claudia Schneider, Hiscox

Claudia von Pawel
Underwriting Manager Small Business

Regional Management

Maximilian Heidbrink, Hiscox

Maximilian Heidbrink
Head of Branch Cologne

Gabriela Filipek, Hiscox

Gabriela Filipek
Head of Branch Frankfurt

Christoph Burkhardt, Hiscox

Christoph Burkhardt
Head of Branch Berlin

Richard Weber, Hiscox

Richard Weber
Head of Branch Hamburg

Jürgen Thaler, Hiscox

Jürgen Thaler
Head of Branch Munich & Austria